Getting the Hang of Being a JobNab Job Scout

We’re often asked how Job Scouts can earn more commissions from their job postings. Unfortunately that’s just not a question with an easy answer.

We do everything we can to give you the basic tools to do the job. But the key word there is “basic”. Like any job, to really succeed you need to do more than just the bare minimum.

Finding jobs in the places we tell you to look and advertising them on the sites we tell you about will earn you money, but it might not maximize the market to its fullest potential. And although a certain volume of jobs is necessary to be successful, as some scouts will tell you it’s not only about volume; it’s also about discovering the right strategy.

To use a cliche, you have to think outside of the box. Think of all the material we provide for you as merely the starting point. Use the skills we teach and then expand on them. Be creative in how you find jobs and where and how you advertise them.

And as we mentioned in last week’s post, get to know your assigned market. Understand what types of people are looking for work there. What’s the biggest industry? Do they have a glut of workers for that industry or are they begging for qualified applicants? Is there a job in your market that someone from another market would want to relocate there for? What’s the nearest city with a university training people in that field? Would focusing your advertising in that city drive more traffic?

Each market is different. If we could provide all of our Job Scouts with the one perfect strategy that will work in every market, we would. But it’s going to take a little patience, research and experimentation to find the best strategy for your assigned job market.


9 responses to “Getting the Hang of Being a JobNab Job Scout

  1. Is there an exchange of money that has to be paid before the job is started. Or there isn’t no money involved, just what you earn

  2. Hello, I have been a job scout for about 3 months and I don’t think I got the hang of it. I’m getting the jobs from websites and job search boards and posting them carefully reviewing my jobs for errors before posting them. Then I post them to additional sites as recommended during advanced training calls. I guess I have a question more than a comment. How do we really get paid???

    • You get paid a percentage of the revenue your job posts generate. As you know, each job post has a small fee associated with it, anywhere between 39 and 99 cents. When users want to apply for the job you’ve posted, they pay that fee to be sent to the application page. It doesn’t seem like much, but once you’ve posted hundreds of jobs and gotten hundreds of purchases, it adds up.

      Which is the first key to the Job Scout position, i.e. volume. According to our records, you’ve only posted 13 approved jobs since the beginning of August. That’s simply not enough to make any money. You must consistently post jobs every day, and post each job on at least the eight boards we suggest in training to drive sufficient traffic to your job post. Once you have that down, then refer back to this blog post to get an idea what you can do to grow from there.

      • I wondering on you get paid aswell, i have started posting jobs at the end of august so its been about a month i have posted around 60 jobs since then, i try to average about 4 posting a day. How do we really get paid???

      • You get paid every time a person purchases one of the jobs you’ve posted. This not only requires that you find the jobs and post them to the JobNab system, but also that you advertise them on the classified boards we suggest in training. Also, 4 jobs a day will not earn you a significant income. If you really want to do better, you should try posting more jobs a day.

  3. I post jobs on facebook,can I post the same job on multiple sites?

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