Posting the Correct Source Link for the Job

One of the most common stumbling blocks Job Scouts trip over is the source link for the job listings they find. This is the most common reason that job posts are declined.

Admittedly, it can be difficult to get the right source link for a job post. Depending on the way the employer’s site is designed, the link may be hard to figure out. But let’s start with the basics before we move up to the trickier stuff.

The source link is, quite simply, the link someone would click on to get directly to the original description/posting for the job. You don’t want to send them to the employer’s home page, or the list of all positions available at the company. The user is paying to cut right to the chase and start applying immediately.

The trick is that the URL in your address bar may not be that direct link. Depending on the way the site is designed the page with the job application may be part of a unique session. What that means is if you copy and paste the URL from your address bar and give it to someone else, the session is restarted and they will be taken to the employer’s main page and not the specific job listing.

You can test this out by copying the URL out of your address bar, open a second browser — Explorer if you typically use Firefox or vice versa —  and paste the link into that address bar. If you get right to the page, you’re good to go. However, if you are sent someplace else, like the main employment page, you’ll need to find the direct link another way.

More often than not, there is a “share this job with a friend” link, or an option to email that job to a friend. If it’s a link, that’s the link you want to put into the JobNab system — testing it first, or course. If it’s just the option to email the job to a friend, email it to yourself. The email will have the direct link that you can then enter into your back office.

If those options don’t exist, you may need to do some digging around to see where the direct link is. Again, it really depends on the design of the site, but normally there is a direct link available and shouldn’t be hard to find.


One response to “Posting the Correct Source Link for the Job

  1. Hi i need help. I have been trying to find jobs and i have, the problem is that i find the page that says, apply now and i try to put that link and it gets denied or it ask me to register, and once i do that its basically starts the application so when i put the link that has the first question it gets denied and its because the page has expire. I need to know how to get around that. Another for example dollar general there application is done in the store because if you try the online it tells you to print out the application but i know they are hiring so how do i get that web page for people. This link is the problem of my success. Also JCPenny it shows a lot of areas but once i find the location i click on it, and it brings out the page with all the info and also the apply now button. Now two things happen i click on apply now and it ask me to register now that starts the application, the second is i try to get the link with the page that has the info and apply, now and when i click on the link to test it, it sends me to the page with all the jobs available everywhere so it gets denied because its not the direct link. I don’t know if i am making this complicated but i need help to support my family. Can you help me?

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