Driving Traffic to Your Job Ads on JobNab

One of the key components of the Job Scout position is driving traffic to your own job ads.

For scouts to make money, they need people to see their job ads. The more people that see the ads, the more opportunity there is to earn income. That’s why it’s vital to advertise each job posted to the JobNab system as much as possible.

During training we mention several sites where an ad may be placed for free. The question we’re most asked is, “which one works best?” However, you see, this is the wrong question to ask. Scouts shouldn’t be focused on just one, but on all of those sites and a few beyond that.

To get as many eyeballs as you can to look at your post on JobNab, you have to really put your ads out there. Think of it like advertising for any product. Which do you think works better: putting a poster for your product in one location that receives a lot of foot traffic, or putting it in that same place and a few dozen more?

The sites we suggest are just the ones we know are national sites that receive good traffic. It’s up to you to find as many more that speak to your local market as you can, as well as any national boards we might have overlooked.

Once you master advertising your job posts you will see a marked improvement in your commissions.


2 responses to “Driving Traffic to Your Job Ads on JobNab

  1. I am getting paid, but according to my purchased jobs report, I, in most cases make 0. Once in awhile, I will see 10 or 20 cents, but still, I do get more than that. Why can’t I find it in the report? Also some of your how-to videos need to be updated. Thank you for any information.

    • The difference in your pay is for the memberships being purchased from users who you initially directed to the site. That tracking is more complex than the regular job purchases since it doesn’t just involve the initial sign up, but also your jobs purchased by others under the plan. So for right now it’s not showing up in the back offices.

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