The Importance of Your Job Scout Profile

When it comes to increasing revenue, the one thing that many Job Scouts may have overlooked is their profile.

Why? The charges for using the site boil down to a payment for your research skills. Users are paying you to post job listings that they either can’t, or don’t have the time to, find themselves. Your profile tells them why they should trust that you’ll do your job as efficiently as possible.

Consider that your profile is like a resume that will get you “the job” dozens of times a day. Take your time writing it. Be thoughtful about the information you give. Whereas you want to show a little personality, too much could cost you a user’s confidence. Concentrate on such things as your work ethic and knowledge of the job market. Those are the elements that will really sell you as a scout.

Include a professional picture on your profile that’s actually you. Yes, your kids are adorable, but that’s not what people are looking for in a job scout. Also be sure to proof read it at least twice, embarrassing typos is another good way to lose people.

Also, monitor your rating. This is a star rating between 1 and 4 stars that you receive from users. It’s determined by an objective questionnaire users take after applying for one of your jobs. If it drops, you need to review your posts to determine why. It could be that you described the job poorly or inaccurately. If you’re unsure, contact your manager for assistance.

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