The Best Jobs to Find

There are many elements to the Job Scout position that determines success. The most obvious is the jobs that are scouted.

What are the best jobs to be found? Simply put, the ones that are off the beaten path.

The value of JobNab for the users is that they will not only receive a list of jobs targeted specifically to their needs, but also ones that they can’t find too easily on their own.

Economies are driven by people paying others to make or do things for them. That can be things that they either can’t or don’t want to do for themselves. For instance, when you buy a TV it’s essentially because you can’t build one yourself. You’re paying someone else to do that for you. Or, more to the point, when you go out to eat it’s not because you can’t necessarily prepare your own meal, it’s just that you want someone else to do it for you.

That’s what Job Scouts are doing. Scouts are finding jobs for others who want someone else to do most of the work. And also just like a restaurant where the more complicated or involved the meal goes for a  higher price, the harder to find jobs are the best on JobNab.

Jobs found on major job boards such as CareerBuilder, Monster, Yahoo Hotjobs, etc., are sort of like peanut butter and jelly. Restaurants don’t put that on the menu, so JobNab does not allow Scouts to charge for them. Those jobs are easy to find and most users have already seen and applied for them.

The jobs that do best are the ones that take a little more time to find. A little more effort is needed to find these jobs, which is what makes them valuable to someone else. They’ll only pay if the job is one they haven’t already found on their own.

Where do you find these jobs? There are several places to look. Company websites are one, local job boards is another. It depends on the Scout’s assigned market. Each market is unique, so each Scout will need to do a little research to find these sources. To begin, Scouts need to ask themselves: who are the major employers in the market? Do they advertise on the national boards or just locally? Keep an eye out for advertising on bus stops or billboards for a local job board. Maybe even try the Sunday classifieds to get leads. Be creative. Do the work that others don’t have the time to do.

For your jobs to have value, they need to be valuable. It’s really that simple.


2 responses to “The Best Jobs to Find

  1. where do go to find the company logo and download it

    • You can go to google and click the link at the top of the page for images so you can do an image search. then type in the search engine the name of the company and then logo…ex: kmart logo then hit search. then u get a bunch of results that show the logo image for that company…then you can save that image to your desktop. then on the job post area of your job nab page after you type the name of the company for your job post. you can browse to search for the company logo that you saved to your desktop and submit that as the logo for your job post. tada you have found and posted the company logo. 8 ) hope this helps! I was just trained today to be a job scout and i’m uber excited to start! Wish u luck Mark! Also if this was confusing there is a video on facebook that can show how to do this as well. here is the link!/video/video.php?v=100252936705234 Steph M!
      and facebook has a bunch of other helpful videos!!!

      Steph M

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