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When do Job Scouts get paid?

Here’s another one from the “Frequently Asked Questions File”. It’s an understandable question, but it’s not a simple answer.

First, it needs to be understood that the position is commission based. Any current Job Scout knows this, so you all can go ahead and skip down to the next paragraph. For the newbies, Scouts are paid a commission of the jobs purchased that they posted. Users of JobNab are offered custom targeted lists of jobs in their field for free, but to get the link to go apply for any of those jobs they must pay a small fee (between 39 and 99 cents) or purchase a membership package. Scouts are paid portions of the individual fees everytime a member chooses one of the jobs they posted.

Actually, you veterans may want to hear this since you guys ask us a lot about this next part. If a user signs up for one of the monthly packages, the Job Scout whose job led the user to the site gets a portion of that monthly payment every month, for as long as that user remains a member. That means that one job you post today could continue to pay off for months or even years.

I know, you think I’m beating around the bush. I haven’t quite answered when Job Scouts get paid yet. I’m not trying to be evasive. You see, you have to understand the above part because too many people think that you get paid just for posting the jobs, which isn’t true. You can post dozens of jobs, but if users don’t purchase them you won’t earn a paycheck.

In fact, whenever a scout says that they didn’t get paid for their work, the most common answer is that they didn’t earn any commissions. This is usually because the scout in question did not post enough jobs or failed to properly advertise those positions on other boards. It’s usually not a matter of those scouts not getting paid, it’s a matter of them not doing their job properly.

For the record the second most common is that we have an undeliverable address and the checks are returned to us. We do everything in our power to redeliver that check as quickly as possible, but it’s a good idea to keep us updated whenever your contact information changes.

So, if as a scout you’ve earned enough commissions you get paid every two weeks. This week is a pay week for scouts (November 26th). The only other stipulation is that you have to accumulate at least five dollars ($5) in commissions since your last check for us to create a check and send it to you.

And that’s the long answer. If this still didn’t clear everything up, feel free to fire away with questions in the comments section below.

Is there a fee to become a Job Scout for JobNab?

This is one of the most asked questions regarding the Job Scout position. As any Job Scout will tell you — as well as any JobNab employee — there is absolutely no fee to become a job scout.

The fact that this is asked so much actually disturbs us quite a lot. If there’s that many people asking us if there’s a fee, it must mean there’s plenty of jobs out there that do charge one. And if there’s that many companies doing it, that must mean they get several people to actually pay to start a job.

So let’s be clear about something: do not ever pay a fee to an employer to go to work for them. They are supposed to be paying you.

Where the confusion undoubtedly comes in to play is that there are instances where you can pay someone to help you find a job. For instance there are employment agencies and resume services. The difference is that these are third parties performing a service for you and/or the employer. They are a middleman with no stake in the transaction other than what they are being paid.

However, when the only two parties involved are you and the employer, you shouldn’t pay any money to them what so ever.

So, to say again, there is no fee to get started as a JobNab Job Scout. There is no software to buy for your computer since our technology is handled through our website. There is no additional equipment you need to buy to be a Job Scout.

All JobNab needs is your commitment and good work ethic. The same that’s asked of any new employee at any job.