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JobNab, Do You Know Where My Job Is At?

It’s February of 2011. Do you know where your job is? A large number of the American population answers “no” to this question. As a matter of fact, 9.1% is the current unemployment rate as of December, 2010. Almost one tenth of the US population is without work. Is this horrible? Will it get better? Is it getting better? Well, January is historically the worst month to look at job growth statistics. Let’s see why…

In ten out of the last twelve years, planned job cuts for the month of January have trumped those of December at around 20% more. In fact, 2011 is the fifth consecutive year this trend has continued. But I could throw in pretty much any statistic right here, like say, 90% of the left-handed American population prefers Jif peanut butter over most other brands five out of seven days of the week, and the vast majority would probably say, “Oh yeah, well that makes sense.” What do these statistics really mean for us, the hard-working people of the United States of America?

These statistics do show that January is usually a bad month for job growth, and there are almost always a lot of job cuts during this time. Job cuts are highly common the first month of the year, as companies are most likely trying to clean house with the coming of the New Year. Just like most people have their New Year’s resolutions of going to the gym or only drinking a six-pack a day, businesses like to have their own resolutions and weed out the bad employees to help them achieve those goals.

So if you have been sitting around the house since New Year’s Day in your sweatpants, scouring over job listings at the computer all day, watching reruns of SpongeBob and eating bowl after bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, don’t worry, it’s not you, it’s the job market this time of the year. And every touch of grey has a silver lining, because although the job cuts are occurring at a higher rate when compared to other months, the number is very low when compared to past years. So 2011 is on the up and up even though jobs are still fading. They’re just not fading as fast.

This slowing trend of job cuts shows some hope for the overall market for the year and years to come. The market will get better, slowly but surely. But don’t expect to see results right away. The improvement is at such a gradual rate that it’s not enough to make any substantial impact on the unemployment rate. We will probably see that number teetering around 9% for a while. Patience is a virtue.

So don’t give up just yet. I wouldn’t go throwing away all of your real clothes and keeping only the leisure wear. You still might be able to get out of those sweatpants. JobNab is here to help…

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