Why Do You Pay Your Scouts Commission Instead of a Salary?

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Image via CrunchBase

This is another of those frequently asked questions here at JobNab. Why don’t we pay people for the actual work they put in day after day rather than the commission they do get paid?

For the uninitiated, JobNab hires Job Scouts to search for little-seen jobs in a regional market and post those to the JobNab system. The scout must then advertise that job to drive traffic to their job postings. When a user for JobNab pays to see the contact information for that job — between 39 and 99 cents per job — the scout is paid a percentage of that fee.

As some scouts quickly point out, they may post dozens of jobs and if no one purchases those jobs, then they don’t earn a paycheck. As was outlined in an earlier article, that’s the unfortunate reality of working on commission. But that doesn’t stop people from wondering why we have the system set up that way; why don’t we just pay people a salary or a small fee for each job posted?

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