Go Green or Go Home

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Image via CrunchBase

It’s nothing new that green is the way of the future. This is not something that just sounds like a good idea or some harebrained scheme by some tree-huggers that love the Earth. It’s something that we must do in order to preserve our world and reduce our nation’s dependence on oil.

With the cost of gas prices teetering around $4.00 a gallon around the country, we need to figure a healthy alternative. In addition to hurting our pockets, the fact that we use so much oil on a daily basis is greatly impacting the environment. Global warming is not just some theory from Al Gore. It is a harsh truth, and we need to do something about it.

People are catching on to this sentiment, and one of those people is pretty much the most important person in the US; President Obama. A recent article by USA Today reported that the Obama administration is buying up 116 electric cars, mostly Chevrolet Volts and also some Nissan Leafs.

This is the first step in a long term plan to have the government buy only fuel-efficient cars by the year 2015. It’s also aimed at inspiring consumers around the nation to do the same in hopes to have 1 million electric cars on the road by that year.

The facts are staggering. This small fleet of cars purchased by the US government is expected to benefit the nation in a number of ways. It will cut gas usage by 29,000 gallons a year and save taxpayers over $100,000 in fuel costs. As an organization that has over 650,000 vehicles in its repertoire, the US government can easily make a huge and beneficial impact by purchasing only fuel-efficient and electric cars. Think of what the benefits would be if all of those cars were electric.

In addition to this purchase, the Obama administration will install charging stations for electric cars in five different cities; Washington DC, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego.

So what does all this have to do with the job market? Well it basically just shows the shift in our economy to becoming a green nation. And this affects the workforce by providing plenty of new opportunities in that sector.

The possibilities for environmentally-friendly jobs are endless. To be considered green, a job really just has to benefit the environment in some way. Obviously, this can entail positions in the production of fuel-efficient vehicles, but also other jobs such as those in solar panel production and installation, at wind farms and really anything you can imagine that might have a positive effect on our Mother Earth.

So when you are out there looking for jobs, pay attention to the green ones. They will hold our world together for the future, they will be stable and they will be bountiful.

Green is indeed the way of the future. President Obama has got the right idea. Do you?

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