Auto Industry Making a Comeback?

If you read most news publications, they will tell you that the Great Recession ended two years ago. Perhaps the writers at these newspapers and magazines are not in touch with the American public or maybe they are just taking President Obama’s word for it, but it seems that we are far from being out of the dark. Little by little the economy is turning around, but this is taking a lot longer than originally expected.

On a more positive note, and in the trend of economic progress, one sector of the workforce is currently experiencing a hiring spree; the auto industry. A recent article by the Associated Press reported that since 2009, there has been a 12% increase in the number of workers employed by the auto industry, from 623,000 to 700,000. This is not too shabby for two of the Big Three (Chrysler and General Motors) receiving government bailouts to save them from untimely deaths just two years ago.

The Midwest has seen the biggest gains in employment in auto manufacturing jobs, and maybe they deserve it more than anyone else. Have you been to Detroit lately? Probably not… I don’t think anyone has. For a city that is near ruins, they need a little boost to get back on their feet.

The AP reported that General Motors will be hiring 2,500 employees in the Detroit Area to manufacture the much-anticipated new Chevrolet Volt. In Tennessee last month, Volkswagen opened up a new plant and hired 2,000. Honda is also getting in on the action, hiring 1,000 in Indiana to meet demands for production of the Civic.

The auto industry is hiring much faster than other sectors of the workforce, including health-care providers and the federal government. And just two years ago, auto sales sunk down to a thirty-year low.

One thing’s for sure; it’s definitely nice to see good news concerning the auto industry. Along with housing, the auto biz has suffered horribly from the recession and they could use a break. In fact, it’s nice to see good news concerning the job market in the US at all. It seems like every time you open up a newspaper, all you see are headlines of cutbacks and lay-offs. Where is the love?

Perhaps this boom within the auto industry is a sign of good times to come. America has been through a lot this past decade, and it’s time we came back out on top. We may never again achieve the prosperity and financial security once held by many citizens across the country, back in the good old days. But from here, there is only one way to go, and that is up.

I may never work within the auto industry. My hands are much too delicate to manufacture vehicles and deal with parts. But I do salute the honorable citizens that build the cars which helped make our country stand out among the rest. Maybe the recent Fourth of July holiday has got me feeling patriotic, but I believe that America can once again prosper, and maybe this is our turning point.

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