JobNab is the first career site focused on the needs of the job seeker. By putting the job seeker first, JobNab also benefits employers by offering applicants who are the best “fit” for an available position. Through the use of an innovative process, JobNab matches applicants with exciting careers based on their preferences to find them the best opportunities in the market today.

The JobNab Difference

Unlike current job boards, JabNab’s process is designed to serve the job seeker rather than the employer. To ensure your job search is successful, JobNab enlists unique elements to assist you.

Why is JobNab Good?

JobNab is better than job boards because we have added several key elements to benefit both job seekers and employers:

Job Scouts

JobNab has over 1,000 Scouts that personally select and screen every job. These Scouts work all over the country and are a part of the same local community as our applicants. In Fact, many of our applicants have become Scouts.

We Communicate

By having constant communication between departments, our Scouting team is always looking to find the perfect jobs for our candidates. We word ard to find you your perfect job!

Applicant Verification

Our verification department talks to every applicant to make sure they are being matched with the right jobs. Yes – every applicant will personally talk to one of our verification specialists to ensure they are matched properly with the right jobs.

We Change and Adapt

JobNab believes in open communication and feedback to improve our service. Anyone may join our Facebook page and give us suggestions. We want to find a better way so we can serve your better.

Applicant Orientation

every applicant is invited and encouraged to attend a free Applicant Orientation. The Applicant Orientation will teach an applicant how to get a job. Completeing our free orientation will guarantee an applicant will land a job. Wait, did we just say we guaranteed jobs – the biggest no-no in this business? Yes, we did – how can we do that? You’ll have to attend our orientation to find out!

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