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It’s Tax Time for JobNab Job Scouts

When Scouts are hired at JobNab, they are asked to fill out a W-9 Form. A W-9 form is used by the IRS for independent contractors or “freelancers”.  JobNab has chosen to classify scouts in this manner because of the commission nature of the job. The information on the W-9 will be used to produce a Form 1099 at the end of the year for tax purposes.

And guess what time of the year it is?

1099’s are making their way to the scouts who earned more than $600 this year right now. If you earned less than $600 as  a job scout, we’re not required to report it.

So what do you do with your 1099? Take it with you to whomever prepares your yearly taxes. If you plan on doing your taxes yourself, it’s probably best to use a tax preparation software such as Turbo Tax. In it will be fields to enter the information off of the 1099.

We strongly suggest that you seek assistance in filing taxes.  Picking up the forms yourself and trying to interpret the myriad of deductions and tax credits can be time consuming and difficult, especially when trying to rectify any quarterly estimated tax payments you’ve been making. There are several places online that will help you prepare your taxes, often for as little as $20. But if you regularly claim mortgage interest, child care, and many other deductions it will probably be best to have a certified tax preparer assist you.