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Optimizing your JobNab listing

The singular thing that Job Scouts can control to improve their earnings is the quality of their job postings. But it’s not just a matter of writing the post well, but it must also be so compelling that it draws people in.

The description you write for both the JobNab system and for the ads posted on other sites must be written clearly, concisely and accurately. That can best be accomplished by keeping it short. Not just the ad itself, but also the sentences. If you try to stretch the sentence too long you’re more likely to trip over your own words and lose your message.

Being concise is not just being short, it’s about not inflating your ad with unnecessary information. Think about what you want to know about a job. Where is it located? What are the hours? What are the daily duties? How much does it pay? Concentrate on these elements and put them right where people can easily see them. Don’t bother with extraneous information to try and make the job sound different than it is. You can just as easily overwrite an ad as you can underwrite it.

But what if you don’t know all of that information? Yes, it is true that the original listing might not include all, or any, of that. But that’s why Google is your friend. It’s probable that someone has posted everything about that job somewhere, and Google will help you find it. Just like Google can help you find the company’s address, contact information and logo – the things you must have or your posting will be declined – it can also help you locate anything that’s not in the original listing.

An ounce of research goes a long way. Being a successful job scout is not just about quantity, it’s also about quality. Take the time to find as much information about a job as possible to fill out the ad. The more completely you describe the job, the more compelling it is to the job seekers.